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What’s Thanksgiving all about?

  • 23 november 2018
  • Niveau: Onderbouw
  • Bron: YouTube
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Every year in November they celebrate Thanksgiving in America. What is Thanksgiving actually all about? Why and how do they celebrate it? Watch the video and find out!

1. Who shared a meal during the first celebration of Thanksgiving?

2. When did Thanksgiving become an annual celebration?

3. What did people do during the three-day Thanksgiving festival?

4. What wasn’t eaten back then during the celebration?

5. Which nursery rhyme did Sarah Josepha Hale write?

6. Which recipes did she introduce for Thanksgiving?

7. On which day do they celebrate Thanksgiving every year?

8. What’s one of the quirkiest traditions of Thanksgiving?

9. What do you think of this quirky tradition? Discuss.

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