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This year’s Christmas ad, starring Percy the pig.

  • 2 december 2021
  • Niveau: Onderbouw
  • Bron: M&S
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Each year in November British companies publish their Christmas advertisements. One of the most popular ones this year is about Percy the pig. In the Marks & Spencer ad, their cartoon pig Percy comes to life for the first time, with the voice of Spider-Man actor Tom Holland. Percy is very popular in the UK. He has his own Instagram account and people even buy Percy merchandise. 

Watch the video.

1. What’s a first for Percy?

2. The fairy says: ” Now I’ve done it”, what does she mean?

3. Who’s Percy supposed to think of as “mild and delicate”? Why?

4. What does Percy say about his tail?

5. What does the fairy mean with this is not just Christmas food? Explain.

6. Discuss in pairs: What would the fairy have to do to restore the shop?

7. Discuss in class: Do you know any other Christmas advertisements? What are they about?


Now look at the Percy merchandise.

8. Discuss in pairs: Would you like to have one of these items? What would you like and why?

9. Discuss in class: Can you think of the reason why Percy is so popular?


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