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The Super Bowl

  • 4 februari 2019
  • Niveau: Havo/vwo bovenbouw
  • Bron: FBI
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Have you ever heard of the Super Bowl? It’s the final game of the Amercian Football season and Americans are going mad about it! It’s the biggest sport event in the USA, but how do you plan these kind of things? Let’s find out.


Before watching

  1. What do you know about the Super Bowl? Also think of others things than just the sport itself.
  2. How long does the FBI plan ahead for a single Super Bowl do you think?


During watching

  1. What is Joe Rivers going to do in this clip?
  2. Which is the commanding agency during the Super Bowl for public safety?
  3. Which teams does the FBI bring to the Super Bowl?
  4. How many spectators are expected in the Mall of America?


After watching

  1. Discuss: What did you think of the things you saw in this clip, are surprised or not at all? Explain your answer.


If you want to find out more, read this article and answer the questions below.

  1. Which two teams play the Super Bowl?
  2. In the article, a few things are mentioned why the Super Bowl is so special, list the three most interesting for you and explain why you think so.
  3. After reading the article, summarize why the Super Bowl is so great and discuss your summary in groups of four.

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