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Santa’s 2020 naughty list

  • 1 december 2020
  • Niveau: Bovenbouw/Vmbo bovenbouw
  • Bron: Youtube
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Every year at Christmas, British and American young children are afraid they may be on Santa’s naughty list. This year, supermarket Tesco has decided to give everyone a year off from Santa’s naughty list. First, read the questions. Then watch the video.

1. Why does the girl at the beginning of the video think she doesn’t deserve a cake?

2. Why was the boy making a snowman with toilet paper rolls?

3. Which school subjects did the mom not teach her childeren the Covid-19 lockdown?

4. Discuss in pairs: Why do you think Tesco thinks that people should have a year off from Santa’s naughty list?

5. Discuss in class: What things did you do because of Covid-19 that would normally put you on Santa’s naugty list?

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