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Running: the most common new year’s resolution

  • 3 januari 2019
  • Niveau: Havo/vwo bovenbouw
  • Bron: Youtube
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Happy new year everyone! Did you make a new year’s resolution? You probably did, just like everybody else. And do you know which new year’s resolution is the most common one? Exercising and in particular: running! So, here is some information for your about running and why it is so good!

Before watching:

  1. Did you make a new year’s resolution? Tell your neighbour about it.
  2. Do you exercise? Discuss your answer in pairs and elaborate your answer.

During watching:

  1. Running a marathon is better for your body than short runs. True/false
  2. Your heart stays the same size while running. True/false
  3. What does oxygen do to your body?

After watching:

  1. Are you convinced that you should start running or continue running? Why (not)?
  2. Did you change your new year’s resolution after watching the video? Why (not)?


If you want more information about this topic, read this article and answer the questions below.

  1. What could be a downside to running according to the article?
  2. “Running has a reputation for causing wear and tear, but new research suggests that it may actually prevent injuries rather than increase the risk of them.” Explain this in your own words.
  3. This article suggests that running may not be good for women, but it also mentions advantages, please find three.
  4. There are two tips to be found in this article, apart from all the up- and downsides of running. What are they, and do you agree with them?


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