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Helping people one brown bag at a time

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A New York deli has found a way to help people in need and is now inspiring people. What are they doing to help? Let’s find out.

Watch the video.

1. How long have the brown bags been up on the wall?

2. Give an example of what is on one of the brown bags.

3. Who puts the brown bags on the wall?

4. What does Judy say about donating?

5. Why are there now also brown bags on the window?

6. What does Judy say about some people that take a brown bag from the wall?

7. Do the customers decorate the bags themselves? Explain.

8. What are the brown bags for? Explain in your own words.

9. Discuss in pairs: Are the brown bags a good idea? What are the pros and cons?

10. Discuss in class: Would an idea like this work in your own town? Why (not)?

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