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National Celebrations

  • 2 juli 2018
  • Niveau: Onderbouw
  • Bron: YouTube
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In July some countries have a national celebration. Watch the video about Independence Day in America.

1 In what way do Americans celebrate Independence Day?

2 What is the first name of John Adam’s wife?

3 Why is Indepence Day celebrated on July 4th 1776, and not on the 2nd of July 1776?

3 From what country did the United states become independent?

5 When did the last delegate sign the declaration?

6 Which date did John Adams and Thomas Jefferson (the second and third presidents of the United States) die?

Watch the short video about ‘Canada Day’. First read the questions below. 

8 When do the Canadians celebrate Canada Day?

9 What do they celebrate on Canada Day?

10 How do they celebrate this day?

11 What are the Canadians most proud of?

12 Is Canada Day just like Independence Day do you think? Why (not)?

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