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The yearly holiday ads from the John Lewis stores are a British favorite and traditionally signal the beginning of the festive period. The star of this year’s ad, ‘Moz the Monster’, shares some similarities with Chris Riddell’s ‘Mr Underbed’ according to some.


Watch the ad with ‘Moz the Monster’.

1 What happens in the story?

2 What typical Christmas things did you see in the video?

3 How does the moral of this ad relate to the message of Christmas?

Now read the article.

4 The John Lewis ad is said by Chris Riddell to have been based on his book, which would explain the huge boost in his book sales. What arguments does he give for saying this?

5 How does the publisher of the ‘Mr Underbed’ books look to benefit from the situation?

What outcome does Riddell hope for with voicing his displeasure?

How does the spokesperson for John Lewis defend against Riddell’s allegations?

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