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Moz and Monty

  • 30 november 2017
  • Niveau: Havo/vwo onderbouw/Vmbo bovenbouw
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Every year in the month of November, the British department store John Lewis creates a special Christmas ad. Everyone in England awaits these ads. Not only because they are very well done, but also because they form the start of the festive period. This year’s ad is about ‘Moz the Monster’.


Watch the ad with ‘Moz the Monster’

1 What happens in the story?

2 What typical Christmas things did you see in the video?

Which typical Christmas things were not in the video?

4 Does this ad feel like Christmas to you?

Now watch the ad with ‘Monty the Penguin’ from 2014

5 What happens in this ad?

6 The company that makes the ads for John Lewis has received criticism that over the years, their ads have become too much alike. Compare the stories and the look & feel of Moz’ and Monty’s ads. Do you agree with this criticism? Why or why not?

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