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More sustainable sneakers







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Are you aware of the environment and the impact that you have on pollution? What about shoes? Do you wear sneakers? The production of sneakers is extremely polluting, but there might be a solution. Let’s find out!


Before watching

In groups of 4, discuss question 1 to 3:

  1. Do you know what sustainability is?
  2. How, do you think, can sneakers be made more sustainable?
  3. Would you consider buying sustainable sneakers?


During watching

Watch the video about plastic materials in sneakers. Answer question 4 to 7:

  1. Why, according to the clip, are sneakers a big thing? Mention two examples.
  2. What’s plastic used for in sneakers?
  3. What is the problem with old sneakers?
  4. Why can’t old sneakers be recycled?


After watching

Answer question 8 tot 10:

  1. What, according to the clip, is the problem with sustainable shoes?
  2. Do you think this could all really work? Why (not)?
  3. Have a look at your answer at question 3 again. Answer the question again.


Are you interested in this subject? Read this article and answer the questions below.

  1. Explain the term “just-in-time degradability.”
  2. Which examples of wrong uses in fashion are mentioned? Give two examples.
  3. Do you think you would wear these sneakers?
  4. Can you think of anything that should be made more sustainable?


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