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Holiday tip: visit this airport, it’s an experience in itself

  • 5 juli 2019
  • Niveau: Havo/vwo bovenbouw
  • Bron: Youtube
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What are your plans this summer holiday? Are you travelling by plane? You probably have been to Schiphol before, but wait until you see this…


  1. For how long has Changi been world’s best airport?
  2. Jewel’s features are impressive. Name at least 4 things that are mentioned in the clip.
  3. Why is there a rainforest in Jewel?
  4. Why is Jewel accessible for everybody, even without a plane ticket?
  5. The airport itself also has a few interesting features. Name 3 from the clip.

Read this article and answer the questions below.

  1. Which problem does the article describe?
  2. Which solutions does the article mention?


  1. What do you think of this article and why?
  2. Is solving the problem as easy as described in the article?
  3. Think of other planet saving tips or techniques.


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