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Giant trolls taking over Denmark … and the rest of the world!

  • 1 september 2020
  • Niveau: Onderbouw
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If you’ve visited Denmark in recent years, you may have come across a troll or two. What are they doing there? Who built them and why? Watch the video to find out more!

1 What does Thomas want to prove?
2 What are the trolls made of?
3 What did Thomas build during his teenage years?
4 How does Thomas collect his building materials?
5 What do the trolls represent?
6 Where does he build most of his trolls?
7 How many people work for Thomas?
8 Discuss in pairs: Have you ever made anything that you’re proud of or that you can use?
9 Discuss in class: Where would you like to see one of Thomas’s statues?

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