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Does pocket money start the gender pay divide?

  • 15 maart 2017
  • Niveau: Onderbouw
  • Bron: Daily Mail
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A new report says boys are given much more pocket money than girlsHow did that come about?


Watch the video about the pocket money gender gap. Answer the following questions.

1 How do you teach kids to learn to earn, according to the expert?

2 What do they mean when they talk about ‘value’ of money?

3 What is ‘Jangle’, what is the use of it?

Read the text and answer the questions.

4 What explanation does the text mention as the reason why children receive less pocket money than in 2005?

5 Why has the amount of pocket money given to children gone up recently?

6 Why do boys receive more, according to the report?

7 Why do women in the workplace receive less money than men?

8 What does the gender pay divide have to do with how parents treat their children, according to Sam Smethers?

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