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Cape Town Running Dry

  • 1 februari 2018
  • Niveau: Bovenbouw
  • Bron: CBS / Euronews
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After three successive years of droughts, Cape Town might soon be the world’s first mayor city to run completely dry.


Watch the video about Cape Town’s drought.

Where did Cape Town use to source its water?

What happens on “Day Zero” and when is it?

What measures has the city council already implemented?

Soon, the people of Cape Town will only be allowed to use 13 gallons of water per day. How much is that in liters? (Tip: Search for the conversion online)

Read the article.

The article mentions a different date for “Day Zero”. Why do you think this is? Is this good news or bad news?

The article mentions that should “Day Zero” arrive, there will be some exceptions to the water rations. Which exceptions are mentioned and why will they be made?

Which problem does the tweet in the article illustrate? How could it be solved?

8 If “Day Zero” comes, what problems do you think will arise, except from people having little to drink or wash themselves with?

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