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A closer look at the war in Ukraine

  • 8 maart 2022
  • Niveau: Havo/vwo bovenbouw
  • Bron: Sky News
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The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, believes that Ukraine should be part of Russia and he has therefore invaded Ukraine. How do the military forces of both countries compare? Let’s find out more. 

Watch the video of 3:40 minutes (source: Sky News)

Questions about the video:

  1. Of all the categories mentioned, in which three  is the difference in between the two forces the greatest?
  2. In which category is there the least  difference?
  3. What is Russia’s most powerful weapon?
  4. In which area has Russia invested a lot during the past years? Give an example of how it could be used.
  5. Why does Nato not send in ground troops to Ukraine and what does it do instead?

Do you want to learn more about this topic? Read this article from The Guardian where the American secretary of state talks about US sanctions against Russia and the further development of the war.

Questions about the text:

  1. Why does Anthony Blinken believe that Russia will not win?
  2. Which cautions do they have to take when supporting Poland in aiding Ukraine?
  3. Concerning the accusation of war crimes by Vladimir Putin, in which way do the president of the European Union and the US Ambassador to the United Nations disagree?

Discussion questions:

  1. Nato countries have agreed to sanction Russia in many different ways. Do you think this is enough to stop the war?
  2. How do you think Ukraine could compensate for its less powerful military forces?
  3. In which way do you think this war will influence the rest of Europe?

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