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What’s so super about Super Bowl Sunday?

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The Super Bowl is the final championship game of the National Football League (NFL). Though you may not find it listed on any calendar, Super Bowl Sunday is considered an unofficial holiday in the United States. But why is it such a big event?


Read the text and answer the questions.

1 How come Super Bowl Sunday is not listed on any calendar?

2 Why will companies pay a lot of money for commercial time during the Super Bowl?

3 In which way does the making of the Super Bowl commercials resemble a match?

4 What is meant by ‘real-time’ statistics?

5 Give three examples of a ‘glamorous stunt’ from the text.

Watch the video of the Lady Gaga interview about her Super Bowl half-time show.  Answer the questions.

6 How does Lady Gaga keep so calm?

7 How did she get ready for this performance?

8 What does the woman say about the helicopter in relation to Lady Gaga?

9 The man claims Lady Gaga was very ’tight-lipped’, what does he mean?


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