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Saying farewell to the Prince of Wales

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Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, has passed away at age 99. The ceremonial Royal funeral took place this Saturday. How does the UK and the Royal Family mourn the loss of the Prince of Wales, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh? Let’s find out more! 

Watch the news report of BBC Newsround.

  1. How many people could attend the funeral and why?
  2. On which aspects of Prince Philip’s life did the ceremony focus?
  3. Who chose the music for the service?
  4. What are two things the people in the UK do to show that they are mourning the loss of a member of the Royal Family?
  5. What does the Royal Family do in the week after the ceremony to show that they are mourning?
  6. Discuss in pairs: Do you think it is important to hold public ceremonies when a member of the Royal Family dies? Why?
  7. Discuss in class: In the video they say that ’the UK entered a period of national mourning’. What do you think this means? Does this mean that everyone in the UK is mourning?
  8. Discuss in class: In the video they say that ’the Duke had asked for minimal fuss’. Why do you think Prince Philip asked this? What are ceremonies usually like for people of his rank and status?

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