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Migrants at the border between Poland and Belarus

  • 1 december 2021
  • Niveau: Havo/vwo bovenbouw
  • Bron: BBC News
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Migrants are stuck at the border between Belarus and Poland. The EU has informed the president of Belarus, president Lukashenko, that there will be sanctions if Belarus does not cooperate. What is happening, exactly? Let’s find out more.

Watch the video of 3:00 minutes (Source BBC News).

Questions about the video:

  1. What is going on at the border between Poland and Belarus?
  2. Why is Poland important for immigrants?
  3. What does the EU blame Belarus of?
  4. In which way were the migrants misinformed?
  5. What do the migrants want?

Do you want to learn more about this topic? Read this article from The Guardian about the role of different parties that are involved.

Questions about the text:

  1. How has Belarus helped the migrants, according to Poland, the EU and NATO?
  2. According to the text, how has the EU reacted?

Discussion questions:

  1. How do you think the international community should solve this problem?
  2. What would you say to the families stuck at the border?
  3. What do you think will happen with the migrants at the border?


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